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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Weekend  CBS  July 24, 2011 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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he can only go into city hall if i give 24 hours notice and has and he is court. he stormed the stage during a council meeting last month. baltimore police continue to the search this morning for a missing 7 mold baby and the baby-sitter. his parents left him with 16- year-old boozer on friday afternoon with the pair disappeared. and they were last seen in the 1100 block of lyndhurst street in west baltimore. if you see either one of them, give them a call right away. update today on a story we first brought you as breaking news yesterday morning. more than 100 firefighters battled intense flames and
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heat. witnesses were shocked that no one was hurt. >> reporter: early saturday morning, fire ripped through hoffman products in curtis basement a concrete manufacturing company startling nearby residents. >> i think the whole building was going to blow up. >> fireman ran that way and we ran that way. >> reporter: the large warehouse stores flammable material. >> it goes 50 feet in the air. >> not knowing what the chemicals are could have created a more unsafe situation. >> reporter: this shows how the heavy spoke could be seen for miles. it prompted the need for more than 100 fire personnel. >> and the high temperatures did not help matters here. >> reporter: one fighter was treated for heat exhaustion on the scene. but some neighbors made a morning out of the activity. but grateful nobody was hurt.
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>> dangerous but exciting. >> they are still trying to determine the cause of the fire. the company's owner declined comment. we're following some very manying stories out of baltimore county right now where the police are looking for a suspect in -- two suspects in a double shooting. and they tell us that the shooting happened just before 5:00 this morning at liberty road and chapel road in wood lawn. one of the victims was flown to shock trauma. but the condition is not known at this time. we'll bring you more information as it becomes available. a maryland state trooper is recovering today after he was attacked while trying to help a driver. police say that james howard crashed his car on the capital beltway in forestville yesterday morning. when the trooper arrived to help, police say that hour went after him with a knife. the trooper sustained cuts on his hands. but he is out of the hospital this morning. howard now faces first agree assault charges. and in baltimore county, a
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police officer was injured while chasing a suspect. the lieutenant broke his arm when he fell on harford road in hartville yesterday. and the officer was trying to catch two people involved in a robbery other officers arrested one person but another suspect escaped. pieces of new york's world trade center have arrived in baltimore a steel beam from the building is now on display at the baltimore convention center. it is a gift from the new york fire department to baltimore. also on display, a new exhibit providing a face to all of the fallen firefighters on 9/11. >> reporter: 143 portraits, all firefighters killed in the line of duty on september 11th. >> this father and son were the only ones that i knew when i started. and actually made sure to keep them together. >> reporter: dawn painted everyone. it's atown year project that started on the day they -- it's a ten-year project that started on the day they died. >> it held all the horrors and
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the heroisms of the day. >> reporter: and the memorial called better angels is on display at the baltimore convention center this weekend. each portrait is painted on a block of burned wood. >> they had volunteers and all the white hats that responded. >> reporter: the wall is 3,000 hours of work, a wait to give back. and now almost every face is edged in her mind. >> a wrung man came to the table where i have the posters and he put his fingers down on one of the pictures and said that is my father. i said ronnie? he said you knew him? i said, no, i just painted him. >> she finished the project just in time for the ten year anniversary of the 9/11. she hopes to find a permanent home for the painting. take a look at this wild scene in parkville. a water main burst friday night
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sending water spraying into the air. a viewer sent thus video. several dozen homes lost water for a pipe but we're hold that the water main is now fixed. if you're brave enough to endure the heat for shopping this week. governor o'malley has a message for uniform this is the buy local challenge week in maryland. he hopes it will help people realize the benefits of local farms and foods. and it looks like some people are paying attention a 32nd street farmers market was packed with shoppers. it looks good. all i hear is brave enough to shop and i i think about you. you're all brave enough to shop. >> heat, sunshine, snow. i will shop. >> it's a good day to be out. the fortunate thing about the joan falls farmers market and the one in waverly is in the sun. but folks still come out and speak support local.
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and today is the shade. if you want to go out, go out and support local and enjoy the shade. it's a nice breeze under the expressway. >> tell them i sent you. >> you'll get a zero percent discount. but they may charge you a little extra. taking a look outside. we have a hazy day shaping up. it's no different than any of the other days that we've had. the difference today will be later in the day. we will not be topping out in temperatures quite as warm as we have since about thursday or so. 85 degrees the temperature now and the dew points very high and a lot of moisture in the atmosphere. the relative humidity at 69%. and winds from the west at 3 miles an hour and still bringing in warm air, 29.94. around the state, temperatures are coolest in the higher elevations. and 70 in oakland and 28 in hagerstown and in easton, 85 in ocean city. around the immediate metro area, the temperature rangeed from 80 in westminster and 88
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in the nation's capitol and the dc suburbs. the winds from the west are bringing in warm air. no marine influence or water influence with these. but the shift will happen tomorrow as we have a front move through we'll talk about that in a second what it feels like out there, the real feel is 93 degrees in central maryland and 95 on the shore. and cooler in oakland. and deep creek lake right now, jump in the car and go that is the place to be for some relief. and we have a heat advisory in effect from noon till 8:00 today and that is because we're not going to go up quite as high as we have so no excessive heat warning. but it is still going to be dangerous and uncomfortable. if you have any susacceptability to heat related problems and air quality and pollutant. today is another day to stay indoors. today we'll start to see some heat relief up to the north. it will start to move on our direction. this low pressure is driving the front to the north.
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and it starts to push in our direction. and we'll start to see heat relief for a few days. cooler air to the north so what we'll see is showers, widely scattered showers around the region, starting this evening and into tomorrow. the better chance will be tomorrow as the front starts to push across the region. behind it high pressure is in control again. so what that means for us is that the front will knock our temperatures back. some of the rain that manys could through, some of the storms could be heavy at time. but it will offer relief. as this high moves in and starts to bring in more warm air from the south and the southwest, heading into the middle of next week, we go back up to where we are again today. currently high tide and the low tide mchenry is 9:26. this will bring in a nice breeze on the water. 96 today and 74 tonight and a chance for widely scattered thundershower. and 92 tomorrow with a chance of afternoon showers a little bit more prevalent tomorrow
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than today. 91 on tuesday, 91 on wednesday and back up to 95 and 100 for thursday and friday. >> hot, hot, hot. all right. still ahead on wjz sunday morning, we're in the middle of swimsuit season. and everyone still has a few areas that they're working on. if that means diet and exercise for you, we have a trainer and fitness expert, brian kenny, to tell us about a new program that could be just what the doctor ordered. >> reporter: we're live downtown. this is a place where anybody can learn how to sale. they're in the middle of a two they're in the middle of a two day fu,,,,
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week will be a hot one. we're looking at 85 degrees already. welcome back to eyewitness news sunday morning. downtown center helps more than a thousand children that might otherwise never receive a chance to sail and they rely on the community to pitch in. >> we're going live to the inner harbor. good morning, sharon. >> reporter: good morning. it's a beautiful day for a
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sail. there are already people out here getting ready for the sailing. it is a great fundraiser. they teach about a hundred kids how to sail here every day. and it goes way beyond that as far as teaching like skills. and we have kristin here to tell us a little more about it and good morning. >> hi. >> reporter: the kids learn how to sail. tell me about the other programs that you have going on here during the day. >> we teach rising third and fourth graders how to read and have better math skills and give them novel words from boom to others and that has them have higher reading retention. >> reporter: and they can strive to become instructors themselveses? >> yes. we have a sailing instructor program. and we teach them how to sail and teach them how to teach
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sailing. >> reporter: because it is a nonprofit, you rely on fundraisers such as this one. it's lots of fun and a good way to raise money. tell us about it? >> it is a two day event and trying to raise $25,000. and we're a few dollars shy of hitting our target. people are having fun and we're trying to get more people to gym. >> reporter: and there's a little party this afternoon. can people come to that. >> absolutely. it starts at 5:00. great music and fun and talking about sailing. what could be wrong with that. >> reporter: they can get their feet well and learn about the program themselves. they say that anybody can learn how to sale. and one of the coolest things that i've learned is they can take anybody, no matter what disability they have and teach them how to sail. and i think it's a phenomenal program. it is located in the parking
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lot of the museum. >> okay. thank you very much. and a cool place to be down there that is happening down near the museum of industry downtown. still ahead, if you're trying to shed a few extra pounds, the right diet and exercise could be the key to getting your results. brian kenny from wellness for life is here to tell us about his program to ,,,,,,,,,,,
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if you have fit goals this summer and what do you if you
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hit that plateau already? >> good morning to all of you. >> good morning. >> so brian, this is your fitness program. you were saying that people did all the right things when it comes to eating foods and exercising. but this is kind of a mind over matter type of thing. >> it is. you have to get a mindset that you want to change. most people want to start fitness programs but they never have their goals intact and don't think about what they're doing and they go for it but you got to get a mindset change and figure out where you want to go and get a plan to get there. >> so once you to that, we'll start off with the exercise first. and we have our giunea pig here. so some moves that you should do are? >> a squat that is a body weight squat. and you're going to drop down keeping your feet planted to the floor. knees drop back and chest up and you'll drop down like you're dropping into a chair. give me ten reps. and if you're doing this at home or in your office or so
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forth. you want to do about ten or 15 reps and get a good burn and get that heart rate up. >> and that will target the lower body, right? >> yes. >> so what the next move? >> now we're going to go into a pushup. that is a body weight movement that will help target the shoulders and chest and arms. it's great movement to keep that heart rate up. you can do in your home, office building or hotel room. >> i often heard that you need to work out at least a five times a week to see a change in your body. >> with our program, we usually have clients do three days a week and two days of cardio. there's weight training and also cardio work out monday, wednesday and friday works card yows days and tuesday and thursday -- cardio days on tuesday and thursday. >> tim is next to the food.
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so what should we eat? >> for breakfast, we have a bran cereal with blueberries. that is a great breakfast. you have your carbohydrates and fruit. that is really great in the morning if you're in a hurry for work. you can pop that in and it's a great breakfast. >> and lunch? >> we have a tuna salad sandwich lettuce and tomato, blueberries on the side and wheat bread. keep in mind wheat bread for calories. you have your protein in the tuna and the carbohydrates in the bread plus your fruits and veggies. >> and dinner? >> a chicken quesadilla and salad. >> my wellness for you have a program going on. we'll come back and talk about ,
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